Peter Stavis, Sweden


Too few stars available here, I think! 6 would be minimum - 7 OK! We`ve bought a house in Almuñecar, in a loooong and tiring process, including an owner with Alzheimers, 3 inheritants, making enemies with each other, and more lawyers than players in a football-team! If it hadn`t been for Marla and Cumbre Villas, we would never have been able to sign a contract, and go to the office of the Notar - and with our own lawyer sleeping for about a year, not doing what he had promished, we would still be sitting in this office, if it hadn`t been for Marla and Africa from Cumbre Villas. When we decided to do changes in the house, we discovered that the other part of the company is a constructig company, run by Marlas husbond, Juan. ("If you ask for something impossibly, we need 14 days extra"). - A reliable company, who offers you the best solutions to the right prices - and who keep their promises. For newcomers like us, this is SO important - we don`t speak the language and we don`t know the legal systems - but we feel that we are beeing taking care of - we know we can trust the company and their people - and that the solutions recomended are for us, and not "What`s in it for mee"? It may sound like a clichè - but yes, we feel more like friends than customers - and yes - you may have guessed : We are now using Cumbre Villas for our legal services !