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Pound Under Pressure As Housing Market Disappoints

Sterling is starting the week out on the wrong foot, sitting around 1.19 against the Euro and 1.55 against the US Dollar. Despite rising against the US Dollar last week for the first time in six weeks, news over the weekend had already arrived to dampen UK markets before the week had even begun. Dropping house prices made some of the Monday morning front pages thanks to the Rightmove data over the weekend. This was doubled up by figures from the Bank of England this morning showing a fall in mortgage approvals.

Cours de Yoga sur la Costa Tropical

Pour ceux qui s'intéressent au yoga, vous pouvez assister aux cours de Brice Canipel. Les groupes ne sont pas très nombreux. Chaque èleve reçoit une attention très personnalisée. Les exercices se font de manière sûre et de façon à atteindre les limites de chaque personne. Brice Canipel est français mais il parle aussi l´anglais et l´espagnol. Il réussi dans ces clases à avoir une ambiance très confortable.
Voici les horaires des cours:
Motril: le mardi et le jeudi de 18h à 19h30 près de l'hôpital Santa Ana.
Le premier jour de classe est fixé le mardi 14 Septembre 2010.

Euro Becomes More Attractive To Investors

Speculative investors moving large sums of money are those who influence how currency markets are behaving and this week they are starting out in a positive and risk taking mood. In currency terms, this means that currencies seen on the risky side, such as the Euro, are strengthening at the expense of the safe-haven currencies including the US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc.

Why has this happened? A spate of positive data has shored up investor confidence that the global economy may in fact be recovering rather than heading for the much feared double dip recession.

Euro starts to pick up…but the Pound doesn’t follow

Currency movements continue to be dominated by the talk and data surrounding how fast economies seem to be growing or slowing. Last week saw a frenzy over speculation of a double dip recession with increasing signs of slowing economies particularly in the US and UK. This caused a boost in safe haven currencies but the new week is starting out on a different foot with the Yen, Swiss Franc and US Dollar sliding down from their highs.

The key piece of information which has caused a turn in the rates between this week and last was US jobless figures on Friday.

Euro Weakening as Investors Avoid Risk

Similarly to last week, currency movements in all major currencies this week are likely to be dominated by economic news coming out of the USA.
There is a continuing trend of poor US data bringing down currencies seen as risky – particularly the Euro, and pushing up currencies seen as ‘safe’ including the Japanese Yen and US Dollar itself; news from the US is continuing to be seen as a key indicator of the global situation in general which means that negative data from the nation is ironically not bringing down the Dollar.

Weak Euro, Strong Pound…for how long?

This week is beginning with a lot of uncertainty in the currency markets with a weak Euro, strong Pound and volatile US Dollar… which could all change by the end of the week.

An already weak Euro has experienced some negative data this morning regarding the manufacturing sector in the single-currency zone. This follows its fall to a one month low against the US Dollar and a seven week low against the Pound as the French President has been preparing the nation for the most severe round of budget cuts in two decades.

What are the benefits of being a fiscal resident of Spain?

Many people ask what the benefits of being a fiscal resident of Spain are. This is a complicated question and an important one. It is best to discuss this with a specialised tax consultant as every one´s personal situation is unique, but in general there are advantages to being a resident of Spain, especially when it comes time to sell.
The first advantage is that there is no retention for residents at the point of sale, whereby for non-residents there is a retention of 3% of the purchase price.

Natural essences and fragrance!- Almuñecar

From the 23rd to the 27th of August you will get the chance to get to know a lot of different and new fragrance and essences.
If you want to know about how to create a fragance and what its all about the "nose work" come and find out!
Come to the Casa de la Cultura in Almuñecar and enjoy new aromas:)

The admission is free. For more information contact the Tourist Office at : 958 63 11 25 or send an e-mail to:

Trends Festival "Festival de Tendencias"

From the 2nd to the 7th of August the Trends Festival offer once again the most national and international ecletic music and art.
You can enjoy the only folk concert in Andalusia of the Canadian Melissa Laveaux as weel as the spanish pop singer Nacho Vegas and the spectacular acrobatic work of the Atempo Circ.
Price: from 12,50 € to 17,50 €

Art in the street

Several shops at La Herradura and some artists living in the tow offered throughout the summer an outdoor exhibition with a particular flair.
It is an artistic journey through a different way to enjoy art, under the title 'Artecalle' from July to September.
Place: Paseo Andrés Segovia at La Herradura